Supporting the Mind

     It is hoped to keep these projects in the public space, It is believed that the most good would be done by allowing all the benefits of these projects. If you like the work that is going on, there are several ways in which you can help:


1. Support this project via funding.


2. Become a coder. There are several libraries which need to be developed.


3. Pass along the site.


1: Funding. If you would like to support the work you can donate via Paypal or Crypto’s (information below). Contact Brian if you, your institution, or company might be interested in sponsoring any of the listed projects or of the overall endeavor of modeling the Mind. The magnitude of what was discovered alone in the first paper released [here] will hopefully pave the way for future possibilities.


2. Got coding skills? Get your name on something great! Help code the libraries. For now it is just for the good of the cause, though who knows what the future brings. Either way, named credit will be given for reasonable work. Got undergraduates? There are several libraries that need to be built. Reasonable work will also get their names on a list of contributors.


3. Pass along the site. As important as is modeling the mind is, inspiration is equally important. There is a huge need for all STEM areas. Next time someone says they don’t see why math is important, forward them the site, Mathematicians wanted!


You can donate and support the project in the following ways.


Via [Paypal] Or Cryptocurrency:


Ethereum (and any ERC 20 Token):




Bitcoin Cash:







Whether you support the project or not, I hope you found the site interesting and that you left inspired!

– Brian

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