Hello! I'm Brian!

I am in Padova, Italy for the next two months. I am a graduate student in the European Erasmus Mundus ALGANT (ALgebra Geometry And Number Theory) program and have studied around the world (Italy, India, Netherlands).

So I have made a blog and have begun putting up a few of my notes I have written in the last couple years. While it is not much, I hope that it will be interesting to some, many have encouraged me to write about my experiences, and I have been told that my writings have encouraged others. I would like to keep doing so. I hope to provoke thought as well as inspire; it is my belief that if I can make it as far as I have, despite my background (which I will write about in time, but have some amounts in my blog), that others can also.

I have recently decided to try and prolong my stay in Italy, maybe until the end of the year and thus have decided to begin tutoring English, so if you or someone you know is interested in learning American English pass on my page to them. There is also a bonus in that I can both tutor Webpage design and one could take the option of learning the art as well as how to speak American! See more here