Hello! I'm Brian!

I am in Padova, Italy for the next several months. I am a graduate student in the European Erasmus Mundus ALGANT (ALgebra Geometry And Number Theory) program and have studied around the world (Italy, India, Netherlands).

I am not sure what the aim of this site is, but I think it comes down to a couple of things. First and most importantly I hope that others may come to believe in their own abilities. I have had the fortune of living in many parts of the world, I however see one main element in common, peoples lack of belief. I hope to help change that. Second, due to my strange circumstances (studying around the world the last couple of years is just a small piece) and my choice of studies I believe my views on various topics would be insightful.

So I have made a blog and have begun putting up a few of my notes I have written in the last couple years. While it is not much, I hope that it will be interesting to some, many have encouraged me to write about my experiences, and I have been told that my writings have encouraged others. I would like to keep doing so. I hope to provoke thought as well as inspire; it is my belief that if I can make it as far as I have, despite my background (which I will write about in time, but have some amounts in my blog), that others can also.

So there is a lot to come on this site. So check back and check out my blog, I could use some others opinions, especially on the more conroversial topics.