Hello! I'm Brian!


I am in Padova, Italy for the next several months. I am a graduate student in the European Erasmus Mundus ALGANT (ALgebra Geometry And Number Theory) program and have studied around the world (Italy, India, Netherlands).

Currently I am working on my thesis on Quantum Consciousness. So far I have developed models relating to the ideas of Psychoanalyst Matte-Blanco concerning both the unconscious (using p-adic ultrametrics), as well as consciousness (by a logical analog of the collapse of the [quantum] wave-function). Furthermore I am attempting to put my models on firm grounding by using simplical complexes and examining different homologies between various classical logic gates via correspondence matrices which I have found. Much more to be said about the matter and I hope in March or April to publish what I have found. So keep an eye out!

As bizarre as teaching English or selling laptops sound in relation to my resume and research area, we all have to work (or most of us anyways). If your here due to the add on learning English click here. For my current laptops for sale (in Wisconsin) click here.